Vinyl Graphics & Installation FAQ

There is writing on my graphics, can I get a replacement?
There is a masking over top of the vinyl that is used to transfer and install the vinyl. Once applied this masking is removed - along with any color code that may be written on it
Why does my vinyl look a different color than it is supposed to?
The masking paper (sometimes referred to as application or transfer tape) applied over the vinyl is translucent and can appear to change the look of the vinyl or make it look faded or mottled. It can make some vinyl to appear much darker than it really is. And it can make shade shift vinyl appear to not change colors. Sometimes bubbles form in the masking, but that will not effect the vinyl when it is applied.
 I got bubbles in my vinyl. How do I get rid of them?
You only need to worry about the larger bubbles. To remove them, pop them with a very sharp pin or X-Acto knife on the edge of the bubble and push the air out. Small bubbles should disappear within a few days.
How warm does it need to be to apply the vinyl?
Vinyl manufacturers recommend at least 50 degrees F. In colder temperatures, gentle heat may be applied with a hair dryer or heat gun after the vinyl is applied, but before the masking has been removed.
At the other end of the spectrum - it may be too hot to apply vinyl. Try to avoid applying vinyl when it is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and try to avoid applying in direct sunlight when it is warmer outside.
What does “5 Year” mean when referring to Chrome Vinyl?
This is not a warranty period. The 5 Year reference is a life expectancy rating that is suggested by the vinyl manufacturer, as is the 5-7 year rating that most of the other colors have. Chrome has a slightly shorter life expectancy because it has a different chemical make-up than the other colors we offer. Actual lifetime of any vinyl will vary depending on a number of factors such as exposure to sun, cold weather, or chemicals.
I accidentally ruined a letter while applying the vinyl.
     Do I need to purchase the entire graphic again?
Not necessarily. In most cases we can make just the letter that needs to be replaced. Contact us.
What else can I use instead of an application squeegee?
Just about any object with a flat, smooth edge such as a credit card or cassette tape case. Bondo squeegees work great. Be sure to use something that will allow you to use firm pressure, to avoid trapping air bubbles during installation. 
The masking won’t pick the letters up - why not?
Sometimes the shipping process can make the masking not adhere to the vinyl quite as well. Being rolled up, or being shipped through different climates can affect it. Simply squeegee/burnish the vinyl through the masking prior to installation.
My dash vinyl wont stick down, what’s going on?
Make sure to clean the surface thoroughly. Some dealers prep the inside of the vehicles with ArmorAll type products. Same goes for exterior graphics - a clean surface, free of wax or other similar products is best for applying vinyl. A good way to test the area is to apply a piece of masking tape to it and see how easily it comes off. If it comes off too easily, or falls off - the vinyl will not adhere good. If the tape holds well, the vinyl should too. 
Are your graphics water type slide-off graphics?
No! These are not a slide off decal like those used in model building. Keep your vinyl graphics dry. Getting water on the either side of the vinyl can make installation difficult or it can even ruin the graphics. Never get your vinyl graphics wet before application!
Do I need to apply my graphics right away?
Almost all of our vinyl graphics are cut to order to insure that they are fresh and will install easily. Waiting for more than month can cause problems with the masking not adhering to the vinyl well, or adhering too aggressively. For best results apply graphics as soon as possible within a month.