Simple Owl On A Branch
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Simple Owl On A Branch


Price: $24.95


It's like Build A Bear.
Except it's not a bear, it's flat, and you apply it to the wall.

So you're handy with a glue-gun and pretty good when it comes to making your own crafts?

This dandy wall vinyl kit should be no problem for you! (Even if you're not good at crafts!)

Comes with the eye whites, pupils, beak, feet, body, branch and leaves as separate pieces that you can have fun assembling yourself to make into your own custom creation.

Note: Feather line shapes are cut out of body vinyl and allow the wall color to show through.

Eyes can be applied to make the owl looking up, down, left, right or any other direction(s). Ever seen a cross-eyed owl? Leaves can be applied like our photo,
or you can apply them to you own liking. Same goes for the feet and beak.

Overall assembled dimensions are 36 inches wide and 24 inches tall.

The Larger of the Individual pieces are:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Owl Body: 18" wide x 15" tall
Branch: 34" wide x 8"

Can be made to custom sizes - bigger or smaller. Please contact us for details.

For this item you will need to choose:
• Owl Body Color choice
• Owl Beak/Feet Color choice
• Leaves Color choice
• Tree Branch Color choice
• Whites of eyes will be made white (of course?!) and the pupils in black.
• Direction: Branch cutoff

For this item you will need to choose:
• Color Choice from the color chart shown in the photos
• Direction - Facing right (as shown in photos) or facing left.

Life is all about choices! Available in many different colors (see color chart in photos). It can also be made custom sizes - bigger yet - or smaller if required. Contact Us for details.

Note: Our high quality matte removable wall vinyl is intended to be installed on a smooth flat surface. Slight curves and textures are okay too. The vinyl is removable but not intended to be reusable. It won't harm the surface or leave a glue residue and won't peel paint on properly prepped, primed and painted surfaces.

Installation Instructions

Application Tools


Installation Difficulty Level 2

Level 2 - Still fairly easy to install, but takes a little more time and preperation. You’ll need to align properly and applycarefully.

Tools needed: Squeegee or similar item, masking tape

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