Mad Men - Smoking on couch
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Mad Men - Smoking on couch


Price: $19.95


Mad Men

Ok, so it's a mad man. But if there were more than one it would be mad men. And why are they so mad?
Is it the retro sixties look that's got them so angry? Maybe he's mad at his job? Maybe he makes drapes or something.
That would make him the don of drapers. Sounds like a sterling job to me!

This mad fella is 22 inches tall and 49 inches wide. That's more than 4 feet wide! Made from high quality matte removable vinyl.
Pour yourself a stiff drink and order one now!

It would seem criminal to get this in anything but black and facing the direction shown, but...

Life is all about choices! Available in many different colors (see color chart in photos). It can also be made custom sizes - bigger yet - or smaller if required. Contact Us for details.

For this item you will need to choose:
• Color Choice from the color chart shown in the photos
• Direction - As shown in photo or mirror of what's shown in photo.

Note: Our high quality matte removable wall vinyl is intended to be installed on a smooth flat surface. Slight curves and textures are okay too. The vinyl is removable but not intended to be reusable. It won't harm the surface or leave a glue residue and won't peel paint on properly prepped, primed and painted surfaces.

Installation Instructions

Application Tools


Installation Difficulty Level 1

Level 1
- The easiest to install graphics. If you’ve ever stuck a sticker on a notebook or applied a bumper sticker to your car, you can handle this!

Tools needed: Squeegee or similar item, masking tape.

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