Mondo Mustache
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Mondo Mustache


Price: $3.95


Mondo Mustache Vinyl Laptop Art

According to The Daily Mustache: The mustache, also known as a hat for the upper lip, is the most noble of all facial hair varieties. Admired by all pre-pubescent boys and desired by women of all ages, men who wear mustaches enjoy a lifestyle full of luxuries such as canned beer, t-shirts absent of sleeves, wild turkey whiskey, and a substantially lower risk of contracting skin cancer of the upper lip. Originally worn by men as a sign virility, it is now worn for a multitude of reasons. (

Now you can adorn your computer with one (or more) of six styles from our collection!  Love the handlebar 'stache? We've got you covered!

You don't have to limit your mustache placement to your computer - you can apply them to almost any smooth flat surface!

Created using only the highest quality vinyl, each mustache is 8 inches wide and anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 inches tall depending on the style.

Life is all about choices! Choose from one of the six styles shown.

For this item you will need to choose:
• Style choice
• Color choice

Note: Our high quality vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth flat surface. Slight curves and textures are okay too. The vinyl is removable but not intended to be reusable.

Installation Instructions

Application Tools


Installation Difficulty Level 1

Level 1 - The easiest to install graphics. If you’ve ever stuck a sticker on a notebook or applied a bumper sticker to your car, you can handle this!

Tools needed: Squeegee or similar item.

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